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Walking the Tight Rope

27 Sep


Gotta love Giuseppe

Image via Grazia


My Hearts

17 May

Shopbop is one of my all time favorite online shopping destinations.  I probably check to “what’s new” page almost every day of the week.  With that said, there are quite a few things that I’ve place in “My Hearts.”  Those of you who frequent Shopbop know exactly what I’m talking about!  Sometimes I even find myself adding items to “My Hearts” that are so far our of my price range that I’d have to win the lottery to afford, I think it makes me feel better for some reason after I’ve added them to the page.  Anyway here are a few items I’ve been lusting over for a few days now!

Giuseppe Zanotti

Rebecca Minkoff

Marc Jacobs

Jennifer Zeuner

Rebecca Minkoff

All photo courtesy of shopbop.com

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